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Re: Compile docs on ArchLinux

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Michael Paquier <michael.paquier@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> is it possible to compile postgres docs with docbook 4.5? At config step,
> it looks that only docbook 4.2 is supported.

If ArchLinux doesn't provide the 4.2 DTD, you ought to complain to
whoever packages that.  On my Fedora 16 box, for example, a wide range
of docbook versions is supported:

$ ls /etc/sgml
docbook/                    sgml.conf
openjade-1.3.2-38.fc16.soc  xhtml1-dtds-1.0-20020801.6.soc
openjade.soc@               xhtml1-dtds.soc@

I don't believe there is any expectation that documents will get
updated just because there is a new docbook version.

Now having said that, you could certainly try adjusting the
DOCTYPE declaration in the docs and seeing if they'd build with 4.5.
But it's not something the project is likely to worry about soon.

			regards, tom lane

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