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Re: what Linux to run

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On 03/03/12 2:55 AM, Gavin Flower wrote:

My knowledge of Debian is via friend's (an extremely competent and experienced Unix guy who got me into Linux & who still runs Debian) comments and what I've noticed on the web. For a Desktop development machine, I currently prefer Fedora, but for a server I need to be more conservative. One place I worked used Ubuntu, but I quickly switched my machine to Fedora, when I found Ubuntu lacked the desktop things I relied on!

So I would interested in the answers, also I would need to be able to install JDK7.

the server equivalent to Fedora is, of course, RHEL or CentOS. CentOS 6.2 is working very well for us for a range of stuff.

JDK7, I dunno, we're still using JDK 6 and trying very hard to stay away from bleeding edge proprietary features. I sure don't see anything here we need for our work:

but, any version of java can be installed on most anything... JDK's just need to be untarred somewhere (we'll put unpackaged ones in /opt/something)

john r pierce                            N 37, W 122
santa cruz ca                         mid-left coast

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