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Re: what Linux to run

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On 28/02/2012 17:57, mgould@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Our application runs on Windows, however we have been told that we can
> pick any OS to run our server on.  I'm thinking Linux because from
> everything I've read, it appears to be a better on performance and there
> are other features like tablespaces which we could take advantage of. 
> On our hosted solution, the application runs in a Software as a Service
> model and being able to keep each companies tables in their own table
> space would be nice.  Additionally it appears that there are a lot more
> ways to tune the engine if we need to than under windows, plus the
> capability to hold more connections.
> If we move to Linux, what is the preferred Linux for running Postgres
> on.  This machine would be dedicated to the database only. 
> I'd like a recommendation for both a GUI hosted version and a non-GUI
> version.  I haven't used Linux in the past but did spend several year s
> in a mixed Unix and IBM mainframe environment at the console level.


PostgreSQL administration would not benefit much from a GUI, as it is
basically centered around editing and tuning configuration files (either
its or the OS's).

For Linux, if you want stability and decent performance, you should
probably choose either CentOS, or if you want commercial support, Red
Hat Enterprise Linux (which is basically the same thing, only commercial).

Personally, I'd recommend FreeBSD (it's not a Linux, it's more
Unix-like) but I'm probably biased ;)

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