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Re: Default PostgreSQL server encoding - Change to unicode (utf8)

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On Monday, February 27, 2012 3:55:43 am Léa Massiot wrote:
> Hello.
> Thank you for your answer.

> Thank you for the two links.
> I read this (in the second one): "On Windows, however, UTF-8 encoding can
> be used with any locale." yet I still have some questions...

> Question 1
>   Focusing on the "Collation" and "Ctype" columns,
>   has "English_United States.1252" something to do with "Windows-1252"
> ("CP-1252")?
>   "CP-1252" is an 8 bits character encoding (so, it can map codes to 2^8
> characters at most).
>   How compatible is this with an "UTF8" "Encoding"?
>   For people testing PostgreSQL under Windows, is there any other more
> appropriate "Collation" that could be used to set a database collation?

This is answered in the first link I sent:

" Windows uses more verbose locale names, such as German_Germany or Swedish_Sweden.1252, 
but the principles are the same."

LC_COLLATE	String sort order
LC_CTYPE	Character classification (What is a letter? Its upper-case equivalent?

So appropriate depends on what sorting character rules you want to follow.  By the way
both of these are fixed at database creation and cannot be changed.

>   There is no "locale -a" command avaiblable under Windows. Is there any
> workaround?

A little Googling found this. I am not a regular Windows user, so there may be
better options out there:

> Thanks and best regards.
> --
> Léa

Adrian Klaver

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