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Re: question on trigger

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On Saturday, February 11, 2012 09:22:44 AM mgould@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I will have several triggers which will make sure that the data in some

> columns in in uppercase format.  For insert it is a no brainer, however for

> updates, it is better to check and see if the new values is the same and

> only update if different? We are not talking about a huge number of

> transactions.  In one day we might have at the most 3000 transactions.


> Michael Gould

> Intermodal Software Solutions, LLC

> 904-226-0978



I am by no means an expert on database performance; however, it seems to me that you would waste more cycles checking if things changed than simply forcing upper case for all to which this criteria applies. The whole record is going to be written to the database anyway.


Terry Lee Tucker

Office: 336-372-6812


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