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Re: undead index

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Jens Wilke <jens.wilke@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Thanks Tom, yes, the index is named
> Indexes:
>     "concurrently" btree (ulq_guid)
> In the 8.4 cluster and 9.0.4's pg_dumpall dumps it as

> CREATE INDEX concurrently ON foo USING btree (ulq_guid);

> That's it.

Oh, fun.  We knew that not reserving that keyword was going to cause
some problems.

> But shouldn't pg_upgrade be able to handle this?

It's not pg_upgrade's fault; it's pg_dump that's failing to reproduce
the state of the source database.

I'm inclined to think that maybe we should hack pg_dump to forcibly
quote "concurrently" in this context, even though it doesn't do so
anywhere else since the word isn't reserved.

			regards, tom lane

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