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permission denied for schema even as superuser.

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I'm trying to perform the following query, but receive a perplexing error, even as superuser (postgres):

umdb_db=# insert into mainview_teststatusevent (timestamp,host_id,test_id,old_status_id,new_status_id) values(now(), 726,4,6,1);
ERROR:  permission denied for schema nms
LINE 1: SELECT 1 FROM ONLY "nms"."mainview_status" x WHERE "id" OPER...
QUERY:  SELECT 1 FROM ONLY "nms"."mainview_status" x WHERE "id" OPERATOR(pg_catalog.=) $1 FOR SHARE OF x

Could you please let me know how I might troubleshoot and/or fix this 'permission denied' error? I'm running 9.0.4.

In case it's relevant, the events leading up to this error are that I tried migrating all my tables and sequences from the public schama to my newly created nms schema. I simply did this:

create schema nms;
alter table foo set schema nms;
alter sequence foo_id_seq set schema nms;
For all my tables and sequences.

The query worked when the tables were in the public schema, but not after I tried to change them to the new schema.

I already searched the mailing list for this issue, and I could only find old posts (circa 2007) that suggested it might be a bug, and I expect it's more likely I've just done something stupid or missed something out.

Chris Young

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