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Re: SSDD reliability

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On 5/4/2011 11:15 AM, Scott Ribe wrote:

Sigh... Step 2: paste link in ;-)


To be honest, like the article author, I'd be happy with 300+ days to failure, IF the drives provide an accurate predictor of impending doom. That is, if I can be notified "this drive will probably quit working in 30 days", then I'd arrange to cycle in a new drive.
The performance benefits vs rotating drives are for me worth this hassle.

OTOH if the drive says it is just fine and happy, then suddenly quits working, that's bad.

Given the physical characteristics of the cell wear-out mechanism, I think it should be possible to provide a reasonable accurate remaining lifetime estimate, but so far my attempts to read this information via SMART have failed, for the drives we have in use here.

FWIW I have a server with 481 days uptime, and 31 months operating that has an el-cheapo SSD for its boot/OS drive.

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