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Re: Need to replace SAN, best method with least downtime? (8.4.4)

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Hi Marinos,

Il 23/04/11 16:00, Marinos Yannikos ha scritto:
b) set up a PITR slave (warm standby) on the same box, fail over to it, replace SAN A, then set up a PITR slave on A and fail over to it eventually

Based on what you said (on a professional basis this would require a thorough assessment), I would recommend using warm standby then switchover to the new server. This operation will give you the shortest downtime. When it is restored, switchback to the original server using the same procedure.

You can find information on this procedure in the documentation and in PostgreSQL 9 administration cookbook (

If you are not sure you can do this by yourself, you can still contact professional companies that regularly do this kind of services around the world (mine is one of them but for a complete list: and let them do the job for you. Probably cheaper and safer.


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