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Using that, you could just point the src atribute of an img tag to that url,

<img src="" href=""> <?php echo $imgId ?>" />

OR present the data inline using the object tag (but that gets tricky fyi and cane be kinda slow for all but the most trivial of images [hence why its highly discouraged by the w3c]

<OBJECT id="necklace"
data="" ...base64 data...">
A Necklace

Again, I **highly** recommend the first method


On 6/13/07, Dave Page <dpage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Mihail Mihailov wrote:
> Hi Dave and thanks for advice.
> You show in your example how to create an html file containing only one
> picture.
> How do you insert multiple graphical images into a "mixed" document
> containing text and graphical images?
> Do I still have to save bytea data into a temporary file (how?) and than
> get in with <img> tag?

No, I showed how to return an image in response to a http request using
php, e.g: No HTML
or text was served at al. That URL (or variations thereof) can be used
directly in an <img> tag as many times as you want in a single HTML

Regards, Dave.

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