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Hi Dave and thanks for advice.

You show in your example how to create an html file containing only one picture. How do you insert multiple graphical images into a "mixed" document containing text and graphical images? Do I still have to save bytea data into a temporary file (how?) and than get in with <img> tag?

Sorry for stupid questions :-)


Are there any other ways to export images from the database?

Hi Mike,

I store them in bytea columns, along with their mimetype, then use a
script like:


require "db.php";

$sql = "SELECT image_data, image_mimetype FROM images where id = " .

$res = pg_query($GLOBALS['db'], $sql);

if (pg_numrows($res) != 1)
  header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found");

$image = pg_unescape_bytea(pg_result($res, 0, 0));
$mimetype = pg_result($res, 0, 1);

header("Expires: " . date("D, j M Y H:i:s", time() + (86400)) . " UTC");
header("Cache-Control: Public");
header("Pragma: Public");

header("Content-Type: " . $mimetype);
echo $image;


I should really rewrite that to use a parameterized query, but you get
the idea :-)

Regards, Dave

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