Re: transactions from PHP - double COMMIT required?

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mikie wrote:
2007/3/2, Martin Marques <martin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
mikie wrote:
> 2007/3/1, Robert Treat <xzilla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Yeah, do the above recommendation to see if all of your statements are
>> making
>> thier way into pg
> OK, I have checked the logs. I can see both COMMIT statements in the
> log - the first commit from my transaction and then the other that I
> send to workaround the problem.

There must be some other problem. Do you have trasaction ID on the logs?
See if both commits go in the same transaction.

Could you please advise me how to check the transaction ID in the log?

Edit postgresql.conf:

log_line_prefix = '<%t %x>'

And restart postmaster.

Any errors during the transaction?

As I wrote in my first post, I make this error intentionally to check
if  transaction works (if something fails, then the entire transaction
should be rolled back). I intentionally give wrong data in the "date"
field for example.
Perhaps I should ask again: is it my responsibility to check if the
transaction failed and issue a ROLLBACK command, or will the PG server
do it automatically?

One question: Why dont you but each query in a diferent pg_exec() command?

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