Re: pg_[un]escape_bytea, pgsql 8.2.1, php 5.1.6, Linux

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Thanks for the reply!

pg_query_params() should have been made binary-safe, but it isn't. It only
accepts and passes 'text' mode arguments to PostgreSQL.  So you cannot put
raw bytea data into a query parameter.

Hmmm...  Disappointing.  Will pg_query_params ever become binary safe?
I'm evaluating Postgres as an alternative to Oracle, so that's where
the majority of my experience lies.

you need for a non-parameterized query, like "INSERT INTO mytable (bd)
VALUES ('$data')" where bd is a bytea column, and $data went through

Understood.  I do not like for several reasons that method of
inserting data.  It exposes me to SQL injection attacks, it's very
inefficient (in Oracle, anyway -- perhaps you can correct me where
Postgres is concerned), it seems uncharacteristic of a database with
the qualities of Postgres, I can't have all my queries in a single
source file, and I can't take advantage of the ease with which I can
handle binary data with a bytea field.

To me, this means that you should probably do non-parameterized queries
instead, with pg_query() and pg_escape_bytea(), with your bytea data.

Would there be any advantage to simply using a text field and base64
encoding and decoding the binary data?  I really don't want to use
non-parameterized queries.

-- Gary Chambers

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