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Hi All
I am a newby in the php and postgres. I have a the following script that suppose to search ana ddrssbook but the scripts does not return anything even an error. I got this scripts from the internet but in the mysql form so i changed it to postgres.
The field s for my table is customer_id, name. address, msisdn, telephone and msisdn. I use want to use name or msisdn to search.
$dbname     =" phonebook";
$host       = "localhost";
$port       = "5432";
$user      = "postgres";
if (!IsSet($start) ) :
   $start = 0;
#if ($searchstring)
if(isset($searchstring) && strcmp("Search",$searchstring) == 0)
        $query = "SELECT * FROM clientdata WHERE $searchtype LIKE '%$searchstrin
g%' ORDER BY name ASC";
        $connection = pg_connect("host=$host port=$port dbname=$dbname user=$use
        $Customer_id =  pg_escape_string($_POST['customer_id']);
        $Name = pg_escape_string($_POST['name']);
        $Msisdn = pg_escape_string($_POST['msisdn']);
        $result = pg_query($query);
       $ resultsnumber = pg_numrows($result);
        echo" <TABLE BORDER=0>";
        echo "number of results: $resultsnumber";
        $alternate = "2";
                while ($myrow = pg_fetch_array($result))
                   $Name = $myrow["name"];
                   $customer_id = $myrow["id"];
                   $msisdn = $myrow["msisdn"];
                   if ($alternate == "1")
                     $color = "#ffffff";
                     $alternate = "2";
                      $color = "#efefef";
                      $alternate = "1";
        echo "<TR bgcolor=$color><TD>$name, $msisdn</TD>";
        echo "Could not find records";
I can add and delete but i cannot search, please assist.

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