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Excellent :)

No probs, and thanks for posting your solution, it may help someone else out in the future!


Fatih Gulec wrote:
I solve the problem by the help of Andy.

1. I change SELinux policy of the /tmp
   [root@bulbul /]# chcon -R -h -t httpd_sys_script_rw_t /tmp
2. I change connection string
   old : pgsql://postgres:bbmprens@xxxxxxxxx/prens
   new : pgsql://postgres:bbmprens@unix(/tmp)/prens

Then it works.

Thank you so much Andy.


I'm guessing one of 2 things is happening here:

- PHP is connecting through the Unix socket in /tmp, and permissions are
wrong on the /tmp directory for the Apache user
- Something like TCP wrappers is blocking localhost connections

Try changing the connection host to the machine's ethernet IP address
instead of, this will give you a clue if this is the case.
You could also examine the PostgreSQL logs - I doubt if it would log
this error, but it's worth a shot.


Fatih Gulec wrote:
Here is the problem :
System : Fedora Core 5
Application server : Apache (comes with Fedora base installation)

1. I could not connect to postgresql in php code whicih uses pear packet
DB. Here is the error code :
DB Error: connect failed [nativecode=Unable to connect to PostgreSQL
server: could not connect to server: Permission denied Is the server
running on host "" and accepting TCP/IP connections on port
5432?] ** pgsql://postgres:bbmprens@xxxxxxxxx/prens

2. By the way I can connect that db from an other machine which the
is Windows XP and program is default PgAdmin.
2. Alsa I can connect and use from a windows machine with the sama php
code that connects to the dbms which works on the Fedora Core 5.
3. The user and password are tested by using pgsql command, in command


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