problem enabling postgres in php

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I am working with Postgresql 8.1.3, Apache 2.0.58 and PHP 5.1.4. on windows 2k.

My phpinfo is working fine. But I am not able to enable postgres support. According to phpinfo the configuration file (php.ini) path is "C:\WINNT".  All my extensions are in the  "C:\php\ext"  dir. I modified the php.ini file situated in the C:\WINNT dir as follows :

extension_dir = "C:\php\ext  and also removed the ';' (semicolon) infront of the extension=php_pgsql.dll  with all the other extension being blocked by semicolon. Then I restarted the comp but it is not reflecting the changes in the phpinfo.

Under the "php configuration core" phpinfo is showing the extension_dir as C:\php5 and include_path as ".;C:\php5\pear". But i dont have any directory named php5. So, i created a directory named php5 in C:\ and copied all the extension dlls into it and made a folder named pear in it and copied the php.ini file in it. But it still didnt reflect any changes.

I doubt that it is not reading the php,ini file from the "C:\WINNT" directory. To check that I tried changing the color code of  "highlight.string" from DD0000 to FF9900. I again restarted the comp but still it didnt reflect this change too. So, i think that it is using some other php.ini file. So, i searched for the php.ini file and i found it in the following locations :


So, i made the same changes everywhere including the "php.ini-dist" and "php.ini-recommended" files found in C:\php dir. But still the problem persisted. Then I removed the php.ini file from the "C:\WINNT" dir but the phpinfo still worked even without it being present in the dir.

I also tried reinstalling php several times but that also didnt help. But what I found strange was that i was not able to remove the "php5ts.dll"  from the C:\WINNT dir and "php5apache2.dll" from the C:\php dir. Everytime it gave an error that these files are in use. I dont have any information about these files.

Do i have to modify the "System Path variable" ?? I also tried modifying that too by adding C:\php and C:\php5 in it. I also added one more system variable PHPRC with the value C:\WINNT.

But still i am not able to enable the postgres with php. I think there is no compatibility issues as google search gives some phpinfo links that works with the same version of php and postgres. When i try to connect to the database it gives the error "Call to undefined function pg_connect()" which i think is obvious as phpinfo is not showing postgres in it.

It would be a great help if you could figure out the error and can help me enabling the postgres in php. I have been trying for the past 3 days to enable it.

Thanks a lot for spending your valuable time.

Parang Saraf

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