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> hello, I have a database in postgresql running in
> linux mandriva, it is for a
> system of purchases, and I am suffering an important
> one lost of data in
> the table of products, I have all the key primary
> and forean made
> validations, in my alone system an user has access
> to modify products and
> you that the it doesn't erase them, like I can know
> as much as I space he
> has assigned my database, and if I can take a
> registration of when the
> data are eliminated, any help serves, thank you.
> enzo

i'm not sure i'm reading right, but it sounds like you
could add an is_active boolean column.

if the boolean is true, the product is considered

if false, the product is considered "deleted", even
though it isn't eally deleted.

deny permission to delete from the products table.

you will not accidently lose any products this way. 
if you *absolutely* know you want to delete a product,
you can do so manually - or set up an interface that
allows for deleting and deny access to ordinary users.

i hope i understood correctly.

good luck.

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