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On 12/12/05, John Mohr <jtmohr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've been reading the "AP2" thread and take it as a matter of faith that
> PGSQL is better than MySQL. It seems more complete for one thing. I have
> tried to explain my reasoning to several people when convincing them to use
> one versus the other. But does anyone know if there is a quasi-categorical
> comparison of the two so that I could speak with more conviction other than
> "I know it's better".

Here is my response: In the beginning, PostgreSQL focused on
implementing features and being as standards-compliant as possible.
MySQL focused on raw speed, and keeping the codebase to the smallest
footprint possible.

The end result is that the PostgreSQL folks implemented a ton of
features, and adhered to a lot of standards, and have now had plenty
of time to refactor and refine the software to provide significant
advances in speed and stability. MySQL is only now at the point where
they are starting to implement features and consider standards.

To me, this puts MySQL at the same point of PostgreSQL, just three or
four years ago. Why wait? ;-)

Mitch Pirtle
Joomla! Core Developer
Open Source Matters

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