[PHP] Trouble with conections between php and postgre

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Hi !, first of all: sorry about my english, i'm not from us.
I 'm using latest versions of postgre 7.4 with php4 and apache2, on a
debian system. I'm working with a really big database, so there are
many querys that takes too much time to be executed (And there's
nothig to do about it). These querys blocks the php page while's being
loaded. The problem is that usually, one excepcts to stop those querys
or even close the conection if the user stops the explorer or closes
the window. However, this isn't hapening, the query keeps running in
the database, using resources.
I already try uselessly ignore_user_abort(False), and I don't want to
set a time limit.
¿Any ideas? ¿Am I missing something ?
Thnxs !
(Please, try avoiding those messages like "Get more resources",
"Optimize your querys", "/etc/init.d/postgresql restart", etc.)

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