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On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 08:55:44PM -0400, John DeSoi wrote:
> pg_fetch_object() returns an object with properties that correspond  
> to the fetched row's field names. It can optionally instantiate an  
> object of a specific class, and pass parameters to that class's  
> constructor.
> I'm passing a class name string as the third parameter, but I only  
> get back a stdClass object. I also added an array of params as the  
> 4th parameter to pass to the constructor, but it does not appear to  
> be called.
> Has anyone successfully used this to create a class other than stdClass?

Works here with PHP 5.0.4 and PostgreSQL 8.0.3:

    class Foo {
        function Foo($arg) {
            print "DEBUG: Foo($arg)\n";

    pg_connect("dbname=test user=test password=test");

    $result = pg_query("SELECT 'foo' AS val");
    $obj = pg_fetch_object($result, 0, 'Foo', array("test"));


The above code produces the following output:

    DEBUG: Foo(test)
    object(Foo)#1 (1) {
      string(3) "foo"

Could you post a minimal example that doesn't work?

Michael Fuhr

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