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Re: auto vacuum, not working?

Am 13.01.2012 13:08, schrieb Anibal David Acosta:


yesterday I delete about 200 million rows of a table (about 150GB of data), after delete completes the autovacuum process start.

The autovacuum is running for about 11 hours but no space is released

Autovacuum parameters are with default values in postgresql.conf


The postgres version is 9.0.3


The pg activity reports:

select (now()-query_start) as duration, waiting, current_query from pg_stat_activity where current_query ilike '%auto%'


10:42:19.829       f              "autovacuum: VACUUM ANALYZE public.myTable"



How can I release the space used by deleted rows? Without block the table.






vacuum does not reclaim space, just marks tuples dead. You need vacuum full.

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