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Re: Postgres batch write very slow - what to do

I tried maxpages = 0 and  full_page_writes=off and it seemed to be taking
All other tricks I have already tried.

At this point I wondering if its a jdbc client side issue - I am using the
latest 8.1.
(as I said in an earlier post - I am using addBatch with batch size of 100).
But just in case - I am missing something.

If 17k record/sec is right around expected then I must say I am little
disappointed from the "most advanced open source database".

thanks for all your help.


Merlin Moncure-2 wrote:
> On 3/15/07, femski <hypertree@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> well, what sql is the jdbc driver creating exactly?  It is probably
> running inserts in a transaction.   your load is about 17k inserts/sec
> which about right for postgres on your hardware.  you have the
> following options to play increase insert performance:
> * tweak postgresql.conf
>   fsync: off it is not already
>   wal_segments: bump to at least 24 or so
>   maintenance_work_mem: if you create key after insert, bump this high
> (it speeds create index)
>   bgwriter settings: you can play with these, try disabling bgwriter
> first (maxpages=0)
>   full_page_writes=off might help, not 100% sure about this
> * distribute load
>   make load app multi thrreaded.
> * use copy for bulk load
>   [is there a way to make jdbc driver do this?]
> * use multi-line inserts (at least 10 rows/insert)...nearly as fast as
> copy
> * if jdbc driver is not already doing so, prepare your statements and
> execute.
> merlin
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