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Re: strange performance regression between 7.4 and 8.1

Now, yet another thing that you (Craig) seem to be missing:  you're
simply putting the expense of all this time under the expenses column
in exchange for solving the particular problem...

More like I was trying to keep my response short ;-).  I think we're all in agreement on pretty much everything:

 1. Understand your problem
 2. Find potential solutions
 3. Find the technical, economic AND situational tradeoffs
 4. Choose the best course of action

My original comment was directed at item #3.  I was trying to remind everyone that a simple cost analysis may point to solutions that simply aren't possible, given business constraints.

I know we also agree that we should constantly fight corporate stupidity and short-sighted budgetary oversight.  But that's a second battle, one that goes on forever.  Sometimes you just have to get the job done within the current constraints.

'Nuff said.


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