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Re: Estimate the size of the SQL file generated by pg_dump utility

On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, Tom Lane wrote:
> "Craig A. James" <cjames@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Bill Moran wrote:
> >> I have no idea if that's legally binding or not, but I've talked to a few
> >> associates who have some experience in law, and they all argue that email
> >> disclaimers probably aren't legally binding anyway -- so the result is
> >> undefined.
> > No, it's not legally binding.  Agreements are only binding if both
> > parties agree, and someone sending you email has not consented to your
> > statement.
> To take this back to the PG problem: it's probably true that we can
> ignore disclaimers as far as receiving, redistributing, and archiving
> mail list submissions goes.  On the other hand, accepting a patch is
> another matter.

A published policy on patch submission making them fit whatever legal
model is desired would avoid any and all legal issues related to legalease
included with a submission. The would-be patcher's action of submission
can also count as acknowledgement of the actual agreement - your
agreement - if you've got the policy unambiguously and prominently


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