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Leading London-based Film Visual Effects company Framestore are looking 
for a killer DBA specializing in PostgreSQL on Linux.

Databases are critical to the infrastructure at Framestore and we are 
looking for a self-motivated individual to be our go-to person driving our 
implementation and optimization efforts. You will need strong 
interpersonal communication skills to liaise with developers, users and 

As a senior member of our systems team you will have the opportunity to 
work on varied projects and have a voice in technology strategy planning. 
This is a great opportunity to work with a strong team and to play a lead 
role in steering some of our critical technology. You will be able to both 
think laterally while maintaining a strong focus and attention to detail.


* Planning and maintaining DBMS infrastructure, including backups
  and replication

* Optimizing performance through database and query monitoring

* Assisting developers: optimizing queries, stored procedures and
  database design

* Enabling high availability of databases to a large HPC cluster


* 2 years PostgreSQL experience

* 4-5 years of Senior Linux Systems Administration experience

* Strong SQL skills, including PostgreSQL rules, triggers and stored

* Ability to interpret PostgreSQL query plans

* Understanding of relational database design principles

* Thorough knowledge of current hardware, RAID and disk subsystems

* MySQL administration experience


* Software development skills in Python

* Proven PL/pgSQL experience

* Interest and understanding of NoSQL architectures

* Experience in data warehousing and data mining


Please apply by emailing a CV and cover letter to Celine Beunier from our 
HR team: celine.beunier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mark Hills
Software Developer

19-23 Wells Street, London W1T 3PQ 
t +44 (0)20 7344 8000
f +44 (0)20 7344 8001


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