[pgsql-jobs] Melbourne, Aus job: Postgres Systems/Database Admin (>25 databases 80TB data)

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Systems/Database Admin

• Large scale PostgreSQL database cluster
• Great company, highly successful
• Exciting Internet software, expanding systems

We're looking for a Systems/Database Admin. The right person for the job loves optimizing big data and relational open source databases.

This company is a leading global information services company that helps clients maximize their marketing investments and, through its expertise, target the right strategy and tactics to achieve their objectives. Insight into client's businesses enables them to find new customers, keep their best customers, forecast new markets and locations, and measure marketing effectiveness. Experian Hitwise is our global online audience measurement and competitive intelligence product line providing insights on how over 25 million internet users interact with millions of websites daily. We work with some of the largest commercial datasets measuring petabytes of online behavior on a monthly basis, all collected via a global distributed processing platform of hundreds of servers and measurement points. Our products provide online marketers the tools to maximize campaign performance and better tactical and strategic decision making.

The core product of this company is an information service analysing huge quantities of data. Gathering, processing and storing data is a core activity of the company. Handling enormous volumes of data efficiently is one of the companies key challenges.

Ideally we are looking for a Linux Systems Administrator who is keen on database administration. PostgreSQL experience preferred however we would consider a MySQL expert.

A new role has been created for a Systems/Database Administrator to join the team, reporting to the Team Leader - Database & Storage.

The database is at the heart of this company and are mission critical - they store enormous quantities of Internet usage data. There are over 25 production and development database hosts in use, distributed around the world on more than 80TB of DAS, SAN and iSCSI storage, with more expected to come on line.

The role includes the following responsibilities:

    • Ensuring the uptime of the production databases
• Working closely with a team of 50 developers, testers and systems administrators
    • Ensuring optimum database performance
    • Building new database servers and systems
    • Tuning databases and systems
    • Implementing database replication
    • Executing database backups
    • Managing database security
    • Managing database users and access control
    • Advising developers on database related issues
    • Strong SQL
• Scripting – any of shell, Python, plpgsql (DB procedural languages)
    • Linux or Unix knowledge
    • Monitoring of operational systems

We're looking for someone who:

    • Loves their work and is passionate about technology and databases
• Is highly responsive and customer focused with a "mission- critical" uptime attitude
    • Is a tenacious problem solver
    • Gets along well with the other people on the team
    • Has initiative, is responsible and reliable
    • Clear communication skills

If you are passionate about database technology and want to work at an exciting, technology focused company in a team of highly technical people, then this may be the role for you.

This is a salaried role.
People currently living in Australia preferred for this role but you are welcome to apply if you are outside Australia - we'll have a look.

Apply now!

To apply, send your resume to info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx IMPORTANT: include "Postgres DBA" in the subject line

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