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I have an opportunity at a gaming company looking for a DBA responsible for developing and supporting AAA MMO titles (really high profile and successful games). This person will take a hands-on role in building and managing the production database environment. Cool stuff - probably one of the best gaming companies out there. Location is in the DC area. Salary is competitive and based on experience.

Some details:

Designs database schema for high-volume databases.

Writes SQL queries and stored procedures to support the Engineering team.

Designs, implements, and manages large database installations.

Ensures the stable and reliable connectivity of all database servers.

Rapidly troubleshoots service outages using experience and other available resources.

Effectively communicates technical information to Engineering and Network Operations staff.

Assists with the evaluation and purchase of database services and/or products.

Provides monitoring, disaster recovery, and security support.

Develops, manages, and tests database backup plans.

Maintains up-to-date detailed documentation.



Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

More than five years of previous PostgreSQL experience.

A solid understanding of the PostgreSQL database system; understands replication, caching, and scaling; understands database optimization techniques; understands the SQL and PL/pgSQL languages; can use performance analysis to tune systems.

Ability to program in an administrative language (Perl, a shell), to port C programs from one platform to another, and to write small C or C# programs.

Strong interpersonal and communications skills; capable of writing proposals or papers, acting as a vendor liaison, making presentations to customers or client audiences or professional peers, and working closely with upper management.

Ability to solve problems quickly and automate processes.

Strong organizational skills and the ability to quickly assess and prioritize.

Flexible and adaptive; ability to provide structure where appropriate and needed.

The successful candidate will be solutions oriented and self-motivated.

Experience with Linux or other UNIX variants.


Desirable Background and Skills:

MMO-related database administration experience.

Extensive programming background in any applicable language.

Publications within the field of database administration.

MySQL, Oracle, DB2, or other relational database administration experience.

Experience with memcached, EnterpriseDB, Slony-l, and/or other significant PostgreSQL addons and tools.



Lisa Rokusek CPC/CTS

AgentHR, Inc.


Cell: 314.409.5633

Office: 314.431.5083

Fax:  716.809.5633


Twitter:  @lisarokusek

IM: lrokusek (AIM) stlrecruiter (Google Talk) lisarok (Yahoo) lisarokusek (Windows Live)

Profile http://www.unhub.com/lisarokusek




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