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Hi, Pgsql-jobs.

I updated pdf-document, now it is available on http://sql50.narod.ru/sql5.17.0.pdf ,
pages 1-169 of which represents needs (pages 170-227 will not be financed), and write
three new braif files, describing pdf-document.

Pdf-document contains the following parts: pages 3-62, 63-93, 94-98, 100-147,
149-157, 158-159, 161-163, 164-166, 167-169. Each part begins from page with black
background (b.b.).

I ask you estimate cost of implementation of each part, and write it in b.b. in line
"Cost of implementation", or write me in letter. Also, you can divide each part into
so much sub-parts, as you want - and write about cost of sub-parts separately (it will
be even desirable).

Descriptions, to which b.b. refer, are on the
Sorry, that english of three last files is not very well - language will be corrected sooner.

Sorry for some delay, i'm tring to force russian http://www.GOST.ru to work in http://jtc1sc32.org/

Dmitry (SQL50, HTML60)

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