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Re: Advice/guideline on increasing shared_buffers and kernel parameters

"Gnanakumar" <gnanam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've already thought of converting this into a document and keep
> it handy so that I may want to refer back whenever I need.
I've put up a first cut at such a document as a Wiki page:
Everyone should feel free to improve upon it.  I'll probably add a
"thought experiment" I've used a few times which seems to help some
people understand the issue.
>> A formula which has held up pretty well across a lot of
>> benchmarks for years is that for optimal throughput the number of
>> active connections should be somewhere near 
>> ((core_count * 2) + effective_spindle_count).
> Our entire Production application stack is setup in Amazon EC2
> cloud environment, that includes database server also.  So, in
> that case, how do I find out "effective_spindle_count"?  I know
> "core_count" can be determined from Amazon EC2 instance type.  Per
> Amazon EC2, EBS volumes are reportedly a shared resource.
I think you need to experiment with different pools sizes.  Please
post results and/or update the Wiki page.

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