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Re: custom conflict resolution information request

What are you using for replication?


Hi Kevin,

I set up a master-master asynchronous replication of one database with bucardo 4.4.5 and testing right now 4.99.3.
I know the standard settings when a conflict between same id rows comes up :

source - the rows on the "source" database always "win" (in a conflict, we copy rows from source to target)

target - the rows on the "target" database always win

skip - any conflicted rows are simply not replicated. Not recommended for most cases.

random - each database has an equal chance of winning each time

latest - the row that was most recently changed wins

abort - the sync is aborted on a conflict You can also provide custom conflict handlers to allow you to use business logic for better conflict resolution.

I have not found info or examples about the custom option yet, and still on the search ...


Amador A.

On 04/02/2012 11:57 AM, Kevin Grittner wrote:
amador alvarez<aalvarez@xxxxxx>  wrote:

I am trying to find any kind of information or examples to deal
with custom conflict resolution on swap syncs in a master-master

What are you using for replication?


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