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Re: Real time monitoring of pg_dump progress through web apps

Anup Greens <agreens123@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Our web app is using postgres as DB. We want to give our clients
> the options of backing up his data. Since the data is couple of
> GBs it takes couple of minutes to execute pg_dump on DB after the
> user has selected backup option from his/her browser.
> We want to show some sort of progress bar for the backup
> operation. So my questions are : Is there a way of asking pg_dump
> to report back the time it estimates to complete the backup
> operation.  Or even before executing pg_dump is there a way of
> knowing how much time pg_dump will take to dump a the database?
No.  The closest you could get would be to use the --verbose option
of pg_dump and show the resulting messages.

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