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Re: Establishing remote connections is slow

"Kevin Grittner" <Kevin.Grittner@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Actually, where I've seen this sort of problem, it was the client
> code which was doing the unnecessary reverse DNS lookup.  What
> controls this in psql?

psql?  AFAIR psql itself doesn't do any such thing.

It's possible that certain libraries such as SSL or Kerberos might
do an RDNS lookup internally, though.  The OP showed he was using
md5 (password) authentication, so we can discount authentication
libraries, but I wonder whether openssl ever does DNS lookups,
and if so how to control that.  Mindaugas, are you using SSL,
and if so can you turn it off and see whether things change?
(It should be safe to do so at least on the "localhost" connection,
even if you feel your network is insecure.)

			regards, tom lane

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