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Re: Issues with log-shipping replication

On 16/12/2011 00:55, Rural Hunter wrote:
well, is pgsql capable to parse shell variables in postgresql.conf? anway you should check your master log. If it can not archive the wal, there will be errors reported in it.
Hi there,

I have removed the various shell variables from the postgresql.conf file, cleaned out the data dir and started again. I can not see any errors in the postgresql log files in "data/pg_log". They simply report that Postgres was started up successfully, that's all. There are a few files created in "data/pg_xlog", some of which are copied over to the slave, but it seems some of them are not for some strange reason, perhaps an oddity with using "scp" for this procedure?

You are referring to the "master" log file, is this the same log file I am referring to, or is that is some different location?

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