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Issues with log-shipping replication

Hello, I'm trying out a simple example from the Postgresql 9 Administration Cookbook about File-based log shipping replication, but I can't get it to work between 2 CentOS 5.7 VMs running Postgresql 9.1. Here are my settings:

.bash_profile on master:
export PGARCHIVE=/var/lib/pgsql/pgarchive

.bash_profile on slave:
export PGARCHIVE=/var/lib/pgsql/pgarchive

postgresql.conf on master:
# - Settings -

wal_level = archive                     # minimal, archive, or hot_standby
                                        # (change requires restart)
#fsync = on # turns forced synchronization on or off #synchronous_commit = on # synchronization level; on, off, or local
#wal_sync_method = fsync                # the default is the first option
# supported by the operating system:
                                        #   open_datasync
                                        #   fdatasync (default on Linux)
                                        #   fsync
                                        #   fsync_writethrough
                                        #   open_sync
#full_page_writes = on                  # recover from partial page writes
#wal_buffers = -1 # min 32kB, -1 sets based on shared_buffers
                                        # (change requires restart)
#wal_writer_delay = 200ms               # 1-10000 milliseconds

#commit_delay = 0                       # range 0-100000, in microseconds
#commit_siblings = 5                    # range 1-1000

# - Checkpoints -

#checkpoint_segments = 3 # in logfile segments, min 1, 16MB each
#checkpoint_timeout = 5min              # range 30s-1h
#checkpoint_completion_target = 0.5 # checkpoint target duration, 0.0 - 1.0
#checkpoint_warning = 30s               # 0 disables

# - Archiving -

archive_mode = on               # allows archiving to be done
                                # (change requires restart)
archive_command = 'scp %p $STANDBYNODE:$PGARCHIVE/%f'
archive_timeout = 30 # force a logfile segment switch after this # number of seconds; 0 disables

recovery.conf on slave:
standby_mode = 'on'
restore_command = 'cp $PGARCHIVE/%f %p'
archive_cleanup_command = '/usr/pgsql-9.1/bin/pg_archivecleanup $PGARCHIVE %r'
trigger_file = '/tmp/postgresql.trigger.5432

do_backup.sh script to make an initial copy of master onto slave:

psql -c "select pg_start_backup('base backup for log shipping')"
rsync -cva --inplace --exclude=*pg_xlog* ${PGDATA}/ $STANDBYNODE:$PGDATA
psql -c "select pg_stop_backup(), current_timestamp"

The procedure I am using to test this is:

1. Clear out the data dir on the slave, put only the recovery.conf file there 2. Run the 'do_backup.sh' script to copy the master data dir to the slave, excluding pg_xlog
3. Create the pg_xlog dir on the slave
4. Make sure the $PGARCHIVE dir exists on the slave. Note that this is completely outside the normal 'data' dir 5. Start up the master. As soon as I do this, I see some archive files appear in the $PGARCHIVE dir on the slave. This means the 'scp' 'archive_command' I am using IS working. 6. Now start up the slave, which prints the following to the log in 9.1/data/pg_log:

LOG:  startup process (PID 4771) exited with exit code 1
LOG:  aborting startup due to startup process failure
LOG: database system was interrupted; last known up at 2011-12-08 19:45:10 UTC
LOG:  creating missing WAL directory "pg_xlog/archive_status"
LOG:  entering standby mode
LOG:  restored log file "000000010000000000000027" from archive
LOG:  redo starts at 0/27000078
LOG:  consistent recovery state reached at 0/28000000
cp: cannot stat `/var/lib/pgsql/pgarchive/000000010000000000000028': No such file or directory cp: cannot stat `/var/lib/pgsql/pgarchive/000000010000000000000028': No such file or directory

Looking at the master, the file '000000010000000000000028' does exist in 9.1/data/pg_xlog, but for some reason the master is NOT copying it over to the slave. The slave has all the files prior to this, but not anything after.

Anybody got any ideas why?

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