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Re: Database corrupted

> First things first: Before you do anything else, shut down
> PostgreSQL and make a copy of the data directory tree.
> http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Corruption

Did it.

> Second, please post information about your environment.  What
> version of PostgreSQL is this?  What is your OS?  What hardware is
> it running on?

Version 9.0.4 on debian squeeze 6.0 running in KVM with virtio (kernel 2.6.32)
I think we have a hard drive issue.

> Now, please copy from the log at the time of the crash and post all
> messages, plus any possibly relevant messages in the clients and the
> OS logs.  Is there a core file from the crash?  Can you get a
> backtrace from it?

I rm the log file has it was taking too much space because of the 1000
warning per seconds.
I feel dumb right now. Sorry.

> It's best to keep notes of exactly what was done.  What was the
> process description of what you killed?  Which signal did you use?
> Keep notes as you go.

kill -9 of the writer process

> Copy/paste it?

Sorry lost it but it was xlog flush request 0/xxxx is not satisfied
--- flushed only to xxxx

> How big is the table?  What kind of column(s) in the index?

primary key index on int32, table have 1.2M lines


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