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Re: Database corrupted

Yann ROBIN <me.show@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Earlier this afternoon, our database crash with a stacktrace.
First things first: Before you do anything else, shut down
PostgreSQL and make a copy of the data directory tree.
Second, please post information about your environment.  What
version of PostgreSQL is this?  What is your OS?  What hardware is
it running on?
Now, please copy from the log at the time of the crash and post all
messages, plus any possibly relevant messages in the clients and the
OS logs.  Is there a core file from the crash?  Can you get a
backtrace from it?
> We killed hardly the remaining postgres process left.
It's best to keep notes of exactly what was done.  What was the
process description of what you killed?  Which signal did you use? 
Keep notes as you go.
> First Postgres told us that there was a corrupted index and we
> needed to reindex it.
> We couldn't do it because there was duplicate id in the table.
> So I decided to make a copy of the table and then try to remove
> data/pkey constraint.
> The database then crashed and couldn't restart. There was an xlog
> flush request error.
Copy/paste it?
> Based on what we saw on internet we launch a pg_resetxlog.
> Database started nicely but data was still corrupted. So we launch
> a REINDEX command and got this error in the log (1000 times per
> second)
> :
> WARNING : concurrent delete in progress within table
> We waited 30minutes but the message was still there and the
> reindex not done.
How big is the table?  What kind of column(s) in the index?
> We couldn't find any help online.
There is this list.  For advice on how to get the most useful advice
from it, you might want to read this page:
You might want to consider contracting for professional support:

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