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Re: When does VACUUM FULL not clean out all deleted data?

James Cloos wrote:
"Tom" == Tom Lane <tgl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Why was the db using that extra five plus gigs?

Tom> Smells like a hadn't-been-vacuuming-often-enough problem.

Sorry, I forgot to mention:  autovacuum was enabled and I also ran
this script every night via cron:

test $(date +%w) -eq 0 && FULL='FULL'
exec psql -U dbm -c "VACUUM ${FULL} VERBOSE ANALYZE" dbm

The app at least felt faster with the daily vacuum, even though
autovacuum was running.  I don't have a good explanation for that,

Autovacuum by default won't do enough work for many production databases. You still have to configure it.

Joshua D. Drake

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