[PEAR] Net_Growl 2.0.0 stable version for PHP5 available

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If you think Net_Growl [1] project was outdated, you've probably missed my works outside PEAR [2].

I've begun to worked on two versions (one for PHP4, and one other for PHP5) last year. But finally, I've decided to drop support of PHP4.

The final stable version 2.0.0, available to download at [2], with a user guide, is only for PHP5.

This version is probably (until now) the only one that may works with the two adapters: UDP and GNTP.

- UDP is the standard used by Growl Mac OSX [3]
- GNTP was introduced with the Windows version [4] and should be available with next Growl 1.3 version for Mac OSX

GNTP offer many new cool features.

This is my first gift for New Year 2010 :)

Laurent Laville


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