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Hi Mark,

Mark Steudel wrote:
I'm sorta confused whether it's ok to start using HTML_QuickForm2, or
if it's not ready for production yet. I know it's still alpha (hence
my concern) but if it's the same func as the QuickForm but written for
PHP5 then I'd start using it ...

Basic functionality is mostly there and mostly usable. What's missing currently:
  * Client-side validation with Javascript.
* Custom elements (date, hierselect, etc.). Maybe won't be added to the base package.
  * Custom renderers. Definitely won't be added to the base package.
* HTML_QuickForm_Controller port. That's what I'm currently working on, once it is ready expect release 0.4.0

Note that it is alpha for a reason, API may still change. E.g. Rule API of current SVN version is a bit different from that of release 0.3.0. So you may use QuickForm2, but you should closely follow its development if you want to upgrade afterwards.

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