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Re: pam_env: per-user environment file?

A year ago -- in http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.pam/3056 -- Kees Cook <kees
<at> ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Ubuntu has been carrying a patch against PAM to have a ~/.pam_environment
> file that is parsed for each user (which allows a way to set environment
> variables without regard to how a user logs in (ssh, gdm, etc)).
> I've included the patch below.  Is this something that would be
> accepted into mainline PAM?
Dear PAM maintainers:

I, too, would like the patch to be accepted into mainline PAM.  I forwarded the
patch to
-- could you folks please review it and comment on it at that URL?

P.S.  Thanks for maintaining PAM.  I rely on it every day, and it has never let
me down.

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