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pam_group.so no tty entry


We are using pam_group.so to dynamically add our LDAP-based
admin accounts to the "adm" group to be able to read syslog
files without sudo under Debian.

Basically it works perfectly - the only issue we have is that
the syslog is now filled up with lines like:

pam_group[11483]: /etc/security/group.conf; no tty entry #1
pam_group[29319]: couldn't get the tty name

Our /etc/security/group.conf contains two lines:
*; *; admin1; Al0000-2400; adm
*; *; admin2; Al0000-2400; adm

What I can read from the example comments a wildcard is
supported in the tty-column. But as far as I be able to read
from the source the error is generated because * is not a 
vaild shell according /etc/securetty. Basically we only need
it for ssh - but tty* or pts* is not working.

What is the point in still showing up this log message on a
wildcard match?


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