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Re: PAM/Squid

> I have been reading the email list about using PAM and raidus and
> Kerberos and such... there doesn't seem to be a clear.. step 1 do this
> etc. 

I think what you're looking for is something like this:

I'm working on a similar project, an "Open Source School", so far I'm
using PAM for all the authentication (imap,pop,ssh,php_pam).  I haven't
finished on the Squid part of the project yet, but I imagine it's the same
as the others.  If you have your ACL's setup in Squid for types of users,
then you'll setup your PAM something like this:

auth		required	/lib/security/pam_unix.so
account		required	/lib/security/pam_unix.so


I'm using LDAP to do a lot of the account authentication work, also
working with AFS for the password auth as well, so this is what I have:

auth            required        /lib/security/pam_afs.so
account         required        /lib/security/pam_ldap.so

> Has someone else had success with this? 

As I said, I've had success with email, ssh, moodle (http://moodle.com/)
and a few other custom user admin LDAP apps that I've made work through
the php_auth pam module.

Hope that helps a little,
~ bryan



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