[p2patent-developer] question about design methodology [was [patent-peerreview] Community Patent Review Workshops]

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On 11/22/06, Eric Hestenes <erichestenes at> wrote:
> We are hoping to better define the system functionality for these areas
> after this workshop. At that time we should have a first cut of the use
> cases for these items.

'first cut'

> The Institute for Information Law & Policy and the Community Patent Review
> Steering Committee will hold two working sessions on the final designs for
> Community Patent Review.

'final designs'

Which is it to be? I realize that the patent office is a particularly
demanding customer not likely to be happy with iterative development,
but within that constraint, I'd suggest that this project, because of
the multiple unknowns and highly demanding needs of final consumers,
is best served by making the process as iterative as the patent office
will possibly allow.


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