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On Fri, Jun 17, 2005 at 11:32:48AM -0700, Jay Scherrer wrote:
> Jeff,
> Your right! I had never thought of that but since we are now networked,
> the box can be available for user learning and serve as a backup for the
> file server. Great idea! Would I use a cron job for backing up once the
> system is turned on? Because I don't think they will want the computers
> in the Lab left running like the main server. 

I have some machines which I only turn on during the day, they do play
catchup for the cron jobs that are supposed to run in the pre-dawn
hours.  These can slow the machine down enough to drag down the user
responsiveness a noticeable amount.

How about an evening cron jobs with two steps:
Step #1. rsyncs the machine just after the center closes for the day.
Step #2, does a poweroff-shutdown 
(assumes power switch and BIOS support software control of power)

Jeff Kinz, Emergent Research, Hudson, MA.

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