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Welcome Pop! It's always exciting to hear of new people getting interested in supporting the open source/free software movement - especially with your experience and desire to "make it happen" in developing new software.

It seems this list has not been as active recently as in the past, but I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities for you get to get involved in supporting open source and your programming skillset.

Unfortunately,'s search functionality is currently down, but when looking for FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) projects to take part in, some good sites are:

You could search for projects of your interest and take part in them.


Sittichai Pumpetch wrote:


I'm Pop. I'm just opensource newbie. I have several skills background in

- TCP/IP, Voice communication (PBX)
- C,Java
- MS Exchange

I'm interested to join opensource because I'd like to improve my programming skil to solve the real world programming problem. Also I hope I can help your guys to develop application in opensource world.


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