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Hi Robert and all the rest,

you are right leaning by doing is one of the best methods.
But lerning coding by must supporting the histerical answers on the
redhat list is to much pain.

Geting involbed is okay, but remember that the best software packages
have not been written in groups.
Or eaven in small groups.

I also write a lot of code.
But I never work with teams of developers. It makes no sense, and gives
no satisfaction, because you sometimes dont' eaven realize when the
project is over.

Cchr. Eichert

> On Sunday, Nov 21, 2004, at 23:17 US/Central, Yin Ming wrote:
> >And I'm looking for a good place to learn anything about personal
> >development, especially in planning and management.
> One way to learn coding, planning, and management is to join one or 
> more existing OpenSource projects.  By participating, you will observe 
> how those people plan and manage their projects, how they deal with 
> issues, and how they allocate resources. has a bunch 
> (>91,000).  I would venture that more than 95% are crud, about 5% are 
> decent, and the rest are quite good.  Try to find a good one.  Hint: 
> they tend to appear within the top 100 on the "Most Active" list.  
> Also, join a not-so good project as well.  In that way you will learn 
> how not to manage a project.
> But all that is just my opinion.
> Regards,
> - Robert
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