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Adobe photoshop has no real free open architecture enabling further low cost
software development in the most comfortable manner. I doubt the highest
average at high-school has to that yet learn image advanced filter
development. For the most up-to-date ones, they might have installed
themselves their favorite free or commercial package.

 The most useful approach according to me is not to that close focus on a
particular commercial or open-source product but to much consider what all
these products have in common (I/O formats, filter types, layers
functionalities, palettes/histos). Even the older commercial or open source
packages have those basic elements. Upon the hardware configuration of this
school should be chosen the fastest/cheapest solutions. Tons of freewares
allows to realize an increasing amount of functions slowly classed as basic
ones nowadays. Some of them are open source as well and GIMP is kind of
complete and far to be alone.

If I dare adding something, I tempted to say that reflexes must be developed
to be more functional and therefore less depending on a single free or
commercial tool. Thus, might be gathered the right behavior to apply towards
each corresponding image or other tool packages, making them more


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