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Why not start soft and setup a main Samba server?
Connect your existing windows boxes through a router (Wired or wireless), 
connected to a Linux server.  This setup would only require nics for the 
computers and a router to start. The kids would have fun Learning Samba. 
On Friday 28 May 2004 02:36 am, Will Hatch wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am a 7-12th grade teacher at a small alternative school in Vermont USA. 
> When I took this job, I had no idea that in addition to being the special
> educator, I would be the computer administrator for the school.  Our school
> is small, with 16 student max, and 4 teachers.  My room just happens to be
> the computer lab.  The other teachers, however competent with computers,
> are only interested in using them, not maintaining them.  The lab was very
> cobbed together when I took over, with windows 98, xp home, and xp pro
> covering 8 computers on a network.  Six of the computers are in the lab, of
> which one is mine.  The other 2 are on teachers desks in other rooms.  So,
> we basically have 3 teacher computers and 5 student computers.  Being that
> I have different versions of windows on these computers, and that they were
> loaded with all kinds of games and other garbage when I took over, it has
> been hard to make them uniform.  Plus, we have a modest budget and I am
> constantly playing the! game of trying to upgrade computers and windows
> systems.  Its a total pain in the rear and i'm ready to try something new.
> I am interested in the k12 linux project.  My problem is that i'm handy
> with computers, but basically self-taught.  Removing hard-drives and
> setting up a server scares me.  Where do I start?  Can anyone help???
> Thanks!
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