Re: [OS:N:] collaborating to setup BitTorrent

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On Tuesday, March 30, 2004, at 05:36 PM, Todd Warner wrote:
I have never done it myself, but supposedly it is fairly easy:

This is assuming you can get apache to recognize the mime type and you
can get apache to work in general on your box.

Yup, it does sound simple. Unfortunately, those instructions are for Windows:

"Item 3: Make the .torrent files

Download and install CompleteDir from the download page. It will install under Start > All Programs > CompleteDir."

CompleteDir is a Windows program.

BTW, that same site has links for a Windows BT client and a slightly out-date OS X client. On the linux side, you can use 'apt-get install bittorrent' on Debian boxes. Not so sure how on Red Hat or other RPM-based distros.

- Robert

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