Re: [OS:N:] Why Free SW should remain as light as possible

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anthony baldwin wrote:

Chris Spencer wrote:

Pre Wallmart mentality.  You and I are just out of date.  My second
Linux box is a 450 Mhz K6-2.  Not terribly old but not new either.

Wow! What I would give for that. I have a P-Pro 200 (x 2) and a PII-233.

I'm living it up with my systems :-)


And I've been feeling CPU envy with a PIII 1ghz and 512mb ram. I guess I can work with this box for a whlie longer, then...

Somebody just donated a 400mhz AMD machine with 96mb ram and I'm loading RH8.0 on it right now.
(Wouldn't take my K12 3.1.2 install discs, for some reason.)
I'm going to put it in my classroom.


Anthony Baldwin
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